Pencil Drawing


For this work I used pencil. The advantages of using pencil is that if you make a mistake you can erase it, which means you will not have to start again. It is also easy to blend and add different types of shade to it, making the work look more 3D and giving it different layers. The limitations are that sometimes the graphite can rub out when you don’t want it to. Which means you will have to draw over the work again.

Using pencil can give different feelings and emotions depending on the way you use it, for example you can use the pencil lightly and add little shading, which gives a calm and relaxed feeling, however you can change the feeling by using the pencil hard on the paper and add a lot of shading, making it dark, which can convey the feeling of fear and distress.

The changes I would make to the work would be to add more detail in some places and to also add more shading to some parts as well, so that the drawing can look more realistic.


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