sample 1For this work I scanned pages from magazines and the fine ink work I did, then opened them up in Photoshop, so that I could edit them. I put the magazine pages and the fine ink drawing into different layers on top of each other, so that it could be easier to edit the images. I blended the images together by going to the right hand side panel and by changing the “normal” above the layers and clicked on a different option, which can blend the works together in different ways and give it different effects. I also added writing on the by clicking on the “T” on the left hand side panel and then clicking onto the page and trying the word I wanted in. I could also change the size of the writing and change the font. I changed the colour of the writing by using the cop stamp that is also located on the left side panel copy the image on the background then pasting it onto the letter, giving it the same colour as the background.

The advantages of using Photoshop was that you could change the colour of the work to the colour you want, you could also blend 2 images together, so that you could get different effects. you can also crop the image, change or get rid of the background. The limitations are that you will have to learn how to use Photoshop.

The changes I would make to the work would be to cut out the image in the middle, so that you can see the flowers in the background.


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