Rock festival logos

In this post I will be exploring different rock festival logo ideas, so that they can influence my logo idea.


This is a Mayhem festival logo. The music genre for Mayhem festival is rock. In the logo you can see a skeleton wearing a top hat. The skeleton is a dark grey colour, which is a contrast to the bright yellow writing. The word mayhem is written bigger than the other words, it also looks like the word is burning up inside, like it is going to explode.


This logo is for rock and shock rock festival. In the logo you can see a pumpkin, that has been stabbed and there is blood coming out and splashing onto the background, making it look like the blood is dripping down. The pumpkin is in the centre of the page, to make it the of the page. The writing is a lighter colour than the background to make it stand out, there is also blood dripping the letters.  download-festival-logo-600x300

For this download logo, there is a dog on fire at the end of the word download.

Logo Pipa Rock Festival (2)


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