Design Research Essay


Traci Edwards’ design

In the poster, Edwards has used bright colours, that makes the work stand out,this is so that it will catch the eye of people walking by. The colours suggests that the poster is for a pop festival, because pop festivals tend to use bright colours. The colours also give a warm and friendly feeling, which again suggests that the poster is for a pop festival, because pop music give a happy and warm feeling.

In the poster the name of the festival has been put in the middle so that people can clearly see what is the name of the festival. Also other details about the festival has been put at the bottom, like the data the place and the time the festival will be. The writing in the poster is bold and easy to read, so that people will not find it hard to figure out what the name of the festival is. Also the name of the festival is written in bright letters, so that it will attract peoples’ attention when they look at the poster, also the name of the main band playing is bigger than the rest of the other information.

The image shown in the poster, is of a patten, which resembles a flower.


Dan Stiles’ Design

In The poster Stiles has used a great range of bright colours, that stand out a lot and that will catch peoples’ attention, this also suggests that the poster is for a pop festival, because pop festivals use bright colours.

In the poster the name of the festival has been written in big letters at the top of the guitar case, on the guitar case there are also the names of the people who will be playing, the bands that are more famous are written bigger than the other band names. However no where on the poster says when or where the festival will be. The text in the poster is also written clearly for everyone to see.

The images that they have used in the poster, is of a bear holding a guitar case, inside the bear it shows an image of mountains and a lake. on the guitar case, there is a picture of the Canadian flag which suggests that the festival is be somewhere in Canada. The guitar case could also mean that there will be a lot of guitars playing at the festival.


Ames Bros Design

For this poster, Ames Bros has used 3 colours, bright red for the background and black and white for the main image. He did this to make the poster stand out more, because the bright red will catch people’s eyes as they walk pass. From the colours used I can tell that this is a rock poster, because the colour red, is also the colour of blood and in some rock festival posters, they have blood. There is also tone in the poster which makes it look more 3D.

The name of the band playing is written bigger than the other information, and it is written below the image, which is the focus point. All the other information like the place and date the festival will be is written in smaller letters and in black which stands out less than the white writing. It is also located at the bottom of the poster.

The image in the poster is of a hand holding a snake. The image is in black and white, which makes it stand out from the rest of the poster, which is mainly in bright red, making the image the focus point in the poster. From the image you can tell that, the poster is for a rock festival, because the image gives off a scary feeling and makes you feel uncomfortable, and the music is played is scary. so the image is to show what type of music people are to expect at the festival. The image is also in 3D which makes it even more scary, because it makes the viewer feel like the snake will come out and attack them.


Jason Munn Design

In the poster, Munn has used 4 plain colours that don’t stand out a lot, from this I can tell that the poster is for a music and arts festival, because a rock would use ark colours and a pop would use bright colours. The colours give the work a classy and professional feel to it.

The name of the band that will be playing is written on the bottom, along with other information like the date and place. The writing is also clear and easy to read like the other poster designs.

The images that are shown are of 3 cats, that are standing behind each other. The cat at the front and the one at the back, together form piano, this suggests that there will be classical music playing or that a piano will be used a lot throughout the festival.

From these posters I have learnt, that for my own design I should make the fronts clear and easy to read, bright colours that will catch people’s attention, and a image that will make the poster stand out. I should also include the name of the festival, the date and time the festival will be, the place the festival will be set and to also add in the names of the bands that will be playing. I should also use scaling, different size text and colour to shown the most important information.


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