Final Poster

Screen Shot 2016-01-04 at 13.34.55.png

For the focus point I  filled in the black areas of the skull with the name of the bands that will be playing at the festival in grey and the more famous bands in red so that They will standout more, I have also made the more famous bands names bigger than the others to also make them standout more.

For the festival title I have, wrote the name of the festival in white and behind the words I used the paint tool to paint behind and around the words red, I also made it look like it is dripping, I have done this to make it look like blood is dripping down and as it drips it forms the the of the title.

For the time, place and price of the festival I have placed them on top of the knife and gun. Also for where the knife and bullet meets the skull, I have made it look like blood is spraying out.

The successful part of my words and images combination is that who can read most of the words.

The unsuccessful part was the background, I didn’t have to to create a background for the poster and now it doesn’t look that exciting.

I could of had improved my words and images combination by making the text on the gun and knife, look like they had been scratched in, and not just placed on top.

To make it more exciting I could add in a background, instead of just leaving it blank. I could also add in other colours so that the poster stands out more.
For this poster I was influenced by Alex Trochut and Artem Sukhinin.

My target audience for my product are for people who like rock festivals and in my poster I have used black and red which are mostly used for rock poster, I also added in blood and guns, which is what people who like rock festivals would like to see, so my poster appeals to the target audience.

This idea does meet the brief because I have combined words and images together which is what the brief stated.



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