Human and animal face

For this task, we had to create a  face using parts from our tonal human face and from the animal face.

To create this illustration, I first up loaded the tonal drawing of half of the human face onto Photoshop, I then created a new layer and uploaded the tonal of half of the animal face we did on the wacon, and placed it onto the new layer. Afterwards I copy and pasted the human face to make a whole face, then I cut out parts from the animal face like the ears, eyes and fur, and placed it on top. I then added in the hair and the clothes.

The part of the illustration that was successful was the hair because it looks realistic.

The part that is unsuccessful was the eyes because they are out of proportion to the rest of the face, they also don’t look real.

The improvements that I would like to make would be to make the whole face look more realistic and to make the eyes and other features to be in proportion to each other, also to move the hair line closer to the top of the head and add more detail to the clothing.

I feel that the illustration is not very suitable because it does not look very real and looks abstract, making it hard to picture it as a person.

The illustrations meets the bref because it said that the character must have both animal and human features, which it does, the bref also said that they must also be wearing futureritic clothes, which it also does.

Next time I will make the human face look more realistic by doing it with a wacon instead by hand so that it will be easier to draw the details.


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