Digital Collage

Screen Shot 2016-01-27 at 13.00.12

For today’s lesson we had to create a digital collage of our characte’s possi. To create this illustration first I downloaded the male po sheet from moodle, then uploaded it onto Photoshop, I then went on the drawing layer, got a wacon tablet and traced the po on the drawing layer.

I also added in the hair, which I made long so that it will fit the bref, a tail, long finger and toe nails and long ears.

The successful part of this illustration was the hair and body outline. The unsuccessful part was the clothing because I didn’t hh

I feel that the illustrations is of low quality this is because

The illustrations meets the bref in some areas, it has long hair and human and animal characteristic, however the bref also states that the character must also be wearing futureritic clothes, which it is not, and so does not meet the bref.

The chances that I would like to make would be to add in clothing and weapons and also to draw more posses.

Next time I will add in clothing and draw more posses for the character, I will also draw more weapons.



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