Digital Eye Painting

Screen Shot 2016-02-11 at 15.51.09.png


For this eye painting, I downloaded an image of an eye from Moodle and a skin tone palette, I then uploaded it onto Photoshop and created a new layer on top of the eye image, afterwards I used a wacon tablet to draw an outline and some of the key features of the eye and made the picture small and put it to the side, so that it doesn’t get in the way. I then created a new layer and placed it on top of the outline layer, I then changed my brush to a more softer brush and picked the skin tone I used as a base colour and coloured the whole outline in that colour. I then picked a darker skin tone for the darker parts of the eye and a lighter tone for the lighter part of the eye.


When I started , I didn’t like the drawing because it didn’t look realistic and it was hard to tell if it was an eye, however later on the painting started to look more like an eye and as I added more tones to the painting is started to look more realistic. I found creating this piece fun because I liked blending the tones to together, I also found it interesting to see how the piece changes from an outline to looking like a realistic eye, however it did take a long time to create because of all the blending but I still found it fun.


The good thing about the painting is that you can tell that it is of an eye and is not of something else, also the tones in the painting are well blended.

The bad things about the painting is that the eye lashes do not look very realistic also you can still see the outline. Also blend the tones above the eye and around the eye a bit more to make it look more real. I also didn’t add in the eye brow because no matter what brush I used it didn’t look right.


From this piece I have learnt to draw using paints instead of using line I have also learnt how to blend tones together to make the image look more realistic. Also different brush size and types can be used to make the work look more real.


To make my work better, I could of had used single strokes for the eye lashes so that it looks more realistic. I could also blend the tones above the eye more. I would also add in the eye brow, so that it looks like a real eye .

Action plan

Next time I will make sure to remove the outline so that the piece will look more real. I will also make sure to blend the tones properly. For the eye lashes I will use a different size brush to match the size the lashes are meant to be. I will also use different size brushes to find out which one to use for the brow.




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