Plan Idea – Cowan’s reflection

Reflect prior:

For this task I have to write a plan of how I want the character to look.

My character is going to be a young male with long black hair that flows down to his back. He will also have a wolf like face with long ears, there will also be a few scares and cuts on his face. He will also have a muscular body and a long fluffy tail that reaches down to the ground. On both his hands and feet there will be long claws. He will also have wolf like feet. The clothes that he will be wearing will be A grey t-shirt and a black jacket. Around his neck he will have a dog tag neckless

I feel hat the drawing is not going well this is because the drawing is not turning out the way I want it to look like. The successful part of the drawing is that it looks like a wolf man which is what I wanted however the body is out of proportion to the head also the eyes are too small for the head. The arms are also too small for the body. Next I would like to make the body smaller, so that it can fit the head. I will also make the eyes bigger so that they are proportion to the rest of the head and make the tail look more realistic.

Try it out:

Screen Shot 2016-02-29 at 13.50.22

I feel that this sketch is better than the last one because the head is in proportion to the rest of body. Also the pose for the sketch

Next steps:

Next time I am going to add in face features to the character to show their mood and personality. I am also going to add more detail to the weapons so that it looks more realistic and add more shading to the clothing so that it looks 3d  and also draw more animal like features like a wolf face and longer claws.




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