Final Character Concept and DVD cover design



The task for this unit is that we have to create a character concept for a film called “Parahuman”. The character for the film can be either male or female, however they must be a teenage, have 4 limbs, have both animal and human characteristics and also must be wearing futuristic clothing.

The ideas I got from my earlier experiments is to use a full body pose where the character is standing up and is looking ready to fight, this is to show the viewer that personality of the character because if it looks like he is ready to fight it shows that he is not someone who will back down and is tough, this will help the viewer build a connection with the character and so will want to watch the film . It will also let the viewer know that the cover is of an action film because it will look like he is going to fight, so people who like action will want to watch this film.

What is the character going to look like and why do are you making them look that way?

My character is going to be a young male with long black hair, this is because the task stats that the character must be a teenager and have long hair. I am also going to give the character animal features like a wolf tail and wolf ears, I will also give him claws as well to make him look scary. His clothes will be dark coloured, this is to make him look scary.

How might the DVD cover itself be laid out? Why will you lay it out that way?

image in the background

midshot of the body

title at the front

about the film at the back

What have you learnt so far from looking at your research?

From my reseach I have learnt that I should

give personality to build a connection

Which illustrators have influenced you from your research?

How will you use these influences in your design?

facal exspections


WORK FLOW – write this during the last 30 mins of each lesson.

Screen Shot 2016-03-10 at 15.50.28Screen Shot 2016-03-10 at 16.00.44Screen Shot 2016-03-10 at 16.02.57

Screen Shot 2016-04-11 at 13.43.09Screen Shot 2016-04-11 at 13.43.19Screen Shot 2016-04-11 at 13.39.14Repeat the same points every lesson.

Include screenshots of your process throughout the written reflection.

For my illustration I wanted the character to be a young male and so I up loaded an image from the internet of a young man onto photoshop. I also wanted the character to have long hair and wolf ears, so I did the same with them and up loaded them from the internet like before onto photoshop and placed them on top of the image of the man to create a collage of the image I wanted however I couldn’t use the image for my final piece because I did not take the photos and so made a new layer on top of the collage layer and changed the size of the paint brush to make it smaller, I then traced around the collage to get an outline of the image so that it doesn’t look like the images I uploaded. I then did I line drawing of the hair to make it look more lifelike and to give me an idea of what direction I want the hair to go. The next part was adding colour to the illustration to make it more life like, i did this by copying the skin colour of the image of the man and used that colour as a base for the face. I also changed brush type to a more softer brush and turn down the opacity so that the colour wasn’t too strong.

I then uploaded an image of a man’s body for the outline of the character’s body and drawn on top of it on the drawing layer to make the clothes, I want to use dark colours like black and grey to show that the character has a dark personality but I also wanted to make them look more sci fi by adding a light colour of blue. I also drawn a scar over the character’s eye to show that there will be fighting in the film, which tells the audience that the film will be an action film.

as I started to make the collage of the man, I felt that it didn’t look right because the hair made it look like the man had a big head, it also covered most of the man’s face as well so you couldn’t see all of his eye and the image of the hair was blurry and hard to see the detail, however I made it look better in the line drawing of the collage by changing the hair to make the man’s head look smaller, I also added more detail to the hair like showing what direction the hair is going and I moved the hair out of the man’s face so that you can see him more. Once the image looked better I felt that the image didn’t look as bad.

I found the colour for the character’s clothes hard to choose because I couldn’t find which blue that would match the other colours of the clothes and which would match the character’s personality, I wanted a dark colour of blue to show that the character has a dark personality but a lighter blue would match the other colour of the clothes better. Also I want to change the inside colour of the ears because it coloured it a skin colour but it makes him look more like a mouse than a wolf.

AS I worked My idea about what I wanted my character to look like changed

  • What creative and practical decisions did you make as you produced the work? Why?
  • What illustrators were you thinking of as you produced the piece and how and why were they influencing you? Why?



  • What is working successfully at the moment in your working practices and the piece? Why?
  • The successful part of my piece is the skin tone
  • What is going less successfully at the moment in your working practices and the piece? Why?
  • The weapon
  • Do you think the processes you are currently using are the right processes? Why?
  • I don’t think that I am using the right process for the gun, this is because even
  • Could you try a different process? Why?
  • Is your idea developing towards meeting the brief? Why?
  • Is the piece of a good aesthetic quality at the moment? Why?


  • What have you learnt and what knowledge have you gained from how the illustration has progressed in this session? Why?
  • Do you feel your skills have improved or you have learnt from any mistakes? Why?


  • Is there anything you could have done differently? Why?


Action plan

  • What are you going to do next based on what you have learnt and how you have progressed today? Why?
  • How will you continue your successes and not repeat your failures?
  • How are you going to use the influences of other specific designers to move forward?




Looking at my dvd cover, I think that it successfully meets the brief, this is because the brief stats that the character must be a teenager, have long hair, have 4 limbs, have animal and human characteristics and be wearing sci fi clothing. my character looks like a teenager and has long black hair, they also have animal features, which is shown from the wolf ears and tail. I also gave the character, what I believe to look like sci fi clothing. However because the character is in a mid shot you can only see their arms and not their legs, so you can only see 2 limbs.

The illustration works successfully within the cover, this is because I have used the same colours for the cover and for the illustration. For the character’s clothes I used dark colours and a light blue colour to make it stand out, I did the same for the cover, I made the background dark and the writing a light blue colour to make it standout from the dark ones.

The most successful part about the illustration is the skin tone, this is because the way the skin tones blend into each other makes the character look more real.

The least successful part about the illustration would be the blending for the gun, the tones for the gun is not blended way, and because of that it does not look real.

If I had to do the work again, the part I would do differently would be the hair, because the hair was done using lines and so does not look that real, if I had to do the hair again I would use tones and blend them together. The background for the cover is also not that interesting next time I would add in a more interesting background that will catch the viewers attention.


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