Naive Mascots

The coco pops monkey

The coco pops monkey was created in 1986 for the cereal coco pops.

The mascot was made to appeal to kids and so was made to look like a kid, the mascot can be seen wearing a baseball cap, white t-shirt and a pair of jeans all things that a typical kid would wear, this makes it easier for children to see themselves as the monkey.890_236_ucp

The mascot also has the personality of a kid, he is seen as cheeky and mischievous, both traits that children have and so it is easier for kids to relate to him. The monkey is also always seen happy and always smiling, making kids think that if they eat coco pops they will be happy too.

On top of that, the Mascot’s eyes have been made so that he is always looking at you no matter where you are, making it feel like that he wants you to buy the cereal.


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