Initial Car Advertisement Research


420x297 SLSAMG_091210_3

pieracci, D (April 2010) Mercedes SLS AMG – Print Campaign. Available at:…/Mercedes-SLS-AMG-Print-Campaign (Accessed: 13 July 2016)


DANIELSON, C (THE CAMPAIGN FOR THE MERCEDES-BENZ SLS AMG. Available…/755422_1376037_1191_842_anzeige_sls_amg_en(Accessed: 13 July 2016)
PAR112457admin(November 19, 2013)Five Retro Classic Car Adverts Revisited. Available at: (Accessed: 13 July 2016)


Lienert, A (June 26 2013) 2014 Acura MDX Ad Campaign Underscores Brand’s Big Ambitions. Available at: (accessed: 27 October 2016)
retro-car-ad-6-1000x1015Christopher (January 21st, 2010) Classic Hand Drawn Car Ads from the US. Available at: (Accessed: 13 July 2016)

1957 BelAire  Sport Coupe Ad 3XX



Deartháir(October 20, 2009)Project Car Motivation: Vintage Corvair Ads. Available at:…/project-car-motivation-vintage-corvair-ads (Accessed: 13 July 2016)1973minigtstc


ANNA-RIITTA (MAY 18, 2015) picks up five times more women than a lamborghini. 


Shashank (Thursday, 17 July 2014)Furiously Fast: New Skoda Octavia vRS Coming to India in August. Available at: (Accessed: 13 July 2016)

From looking at these car adverts I have found that all the adverts use typefaces that are easy to read, they also have short slogans about the car that can stick in people heads. The fonts are also used to express the car, for the vintage chevy advert, they use a classy font to show that the car is classy and for the MDX advert they make the font look futuristic to show that the car is for the future. The minority of the averts show the car tilted to the side, this is so that the intended audience can see both the front and the side of the car.

For the modem car adverts, most cars are shown against a black background or dark background, this is because black is seen as a cool colour and so putting the car in front of it will make the car look cooler and more modem. However with the vintage ads most of the cars are against a white background this is because most of the cars are of a bright colour and so they stand out from the white.

The modem adverts don’t show the owners, this is so that the intended audiences can picture themselves in the car, and image what they would look like. However the vintage ads show the car owners, the owners are well dressed and rich looking, they also look happy having the car, this is to make people think that if they buy the car then they will be happy to.

Vintage car adverts show an illustration of the car, while modem ads show a photo. Illustrations might of had been shown instead of photos because during the time vintage ads were being made, the quality of the cameras were not that good and so you couldn’t see the car properly. However now the quality of cameras have improved and so we can take great quality photos with more detail than illustrations.

From looking at the other car adverts I have been given the idea of using illustrations to form the advert and to also use quick but catchy slogans  to give information about the car and to make the car seem better.


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