Assessment 1 Unit 3 – Analysis Of The Brief

The client for this unit is an advertising agency that wants an adverting campaign to promote a number of sport and vintage cars. The Campaign is targeted at car enthusiast who would be interested in buying the cars and who find that the cars fit their lifestyle.  

The car that I will campaign, will be a sports car. I chose the sports car to campaign because I have always liked the look of sports cars and I find that it fits my personality, I also find sports cars to be more interesting than vintage cars.

The demands of the client is that the adverts must be linked to either a sports car or a vintage car. The client also demanded that the designs should have a strong link to previous work  designs and that it shows original thinking. For this campaign the client would like me to produce an advert for my chosen car that will be placed in a car magazine and an advert for a website banner. The client does have some constraints for the adverts and that is that the advert should show either a vintage car or a sports car.

My thoughts on the brief was that it would be fun and interesting to do because I have always liked the look of car adverts expertly sports car adverts because the cars look cool and modern. From reading the brief I have had a few small ideas but are not as yet developed enough to be used for the advert, so far I have come up with the idea of showing the main features of the car. I will continue researching and exploring different ideas.


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