Research 3 – Expression of speed

Expression of speed is the way of showing the speed of an object. This concept came about when trains, planes and automobiles were invented in the mid nineteenth century, artists became obsessed with showing speed within their works. Artists shown the speed of an objects by using directional lines, dashes and most commonly arrows. It was mainly futurists artists and designers that used expression of speed in their works, speed to them was a way to show futurism because during their time objects reaching high velocity were seem as things of fiction. As time got on artists and designers had to up up with new and exciting ways to show the speed of an object. Now a days expression of speed is mostly seen in adverts especially ones for cars and broadband, since speed is a big factor in both.

The advantages of this concept is that it helps show how fast the object is going and if you are advertising a really fast vehicle then you can show that it is fast without having to use words or to say that it is fast, which is good because if you say that it is fast that doesn’t tell people how fast it is. However if you show people how fast it is going it gives people an idea of how fast it is.

I like this concept a lot because for my advert, I am advertising sports cars and sports cars are well known for being fast and I can show this without having to use a lot of words. The ideas that I am getting from this is to use arrows to show that the car is moving.

Visual Analyse Example 1


This poster was made by graphics designer Max Huber for the Italian motor-racing event in 1948. The poster shows arrows of different colours and size coming in from the right side and exiting from the right corner, there are also some directional text on the page as well giving information about the event. The designer has used the concept of expression of speed by using arrows to show movement. The purpose of this poster is to get people to come to the event and to also show that the event is about racing cars.

The concept helps the poster because the poster is for a motor racing event which means that there will be cars moving really fast and the arrows are meant to represent the cars and arrows are used to show the direction that an object is moving and so the arrows show that there will be cars moving really fast. Also as the arrows come in from the side they bend and exit from the corner, this could show the car turning round a bend in a racing track. The different colour arrows could represent a different car because there will be more than one car in a race, also where it shows the arrows colliding with each other, it could be showing the racing cars colliding with each other and smashing in to each other as they turn round the bend.

The part that I find successful about the poster is the fact that the designer has used arrows to represent the cars because not only does it show that the cars are going really fast but also because where the arrows collide with each other it shows the cars colliding with each and having to draw actual cars colliding will not only take a lot of effort and time to do but it may even be seen as aggressive and violence and people may be put off my that.  The unsuccessful part about this is that without the title I wouldn’t be able to tell if the arrows were for cars or another fast moving vehicle like a boat or train.

From this poster I will take the idea of using images that people associate with speed to represent a car, like the way in which the designer uses arrows to represent the cars, I might use a rocket which is associate with speed to represent my car. However I will make sure to add in some car features so that you can tell that it is that to be a car.

 Visual Analyse Example 2


This poster was for military squadron. Originally created in  1916 by E.McKnight, it is called Soaring to success. In the poster it shows an abstract image of planes against a yellow background. Instead of placing the image in the centre of the advert it is placed at the top this is meant to show that they are high up in the sky because they are planes. The way in which the designer has shown speed is by using lines coming from the planes to show that they are moving. The purpose of this poster is to get people to come to the event.

This concept helps the poster because planes are known for being fast, they also can’t stay still in one point, the lines coming from the plains makes it look like they are moving making it seem more realistic, also because the planes are abstract it makes it hard to focus and it is hard to tell what you are looking at which can link to planes in real life because they are moving so fast it is hard to tell what it looks like.

The part that I like about the work is the fact that the artist has made lines coming from the planes because it makes it look like the planes are going so fast that you don’t have enough time to process the image, like the way when cars move very fast all you see is a blur. What I don’t like about the poster is the fact that if it was not for the caption at the bottom I would not be able to tell that the images were of planes because it is far to abstract.

For my own idea I am going to draw lines coming from my car to make it seem like the car is going really fast. I will also keep in mind that if I make my car abstract I will not make it to abstract that the consumer can’t tell what it is.

 Visual Analyse Example 3


This advert was created by the advertising agency, Ogilvy & Mather for the delivery company, ups. In the advert it shows a man holding a package in his hand, the man looks really bury. The designers have used the concept expression of speed in the advert by packing the man blur so that it looks like he is going so fast that he is blurring.

The message behind this advert is that the company ups delivers packages really fast. The concept helps convey this message because the blurring of the delivery man means that he is moving really fast, which means that the company delivers fast because the employees are moving very fast.

What I find successful about this advert is the fact that they have made the delivery man blurry to show that he is moving so fat that your brain can not process he properly and so he appears as a blur.

From this advert I will take the idea of making hings look blurry to show speed, however this might be a problem because  I want to show the details of the car off and if I make it blurry then the details are ruined and so I will only make the bottom half of the car blurry so that the viewer can still see some of the features.




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