Research 2 – Loud Typography

Loud Typography is where the designer or artist makes the typeface really big so that it fills up most of the page, a certain word may even be made bigger than the rest of the words to show importance, the bigger the word the more important it is. Also if there is a certain topic they want to talk about like the death of someone important the words “death” and the person’s name may be written bigger than the other words to catch people’s eye, it can also be used to show a happy message like if someone was getting married. Loud typography is manly used for commercials and adverts so that people will look at their product and can even be seen in magazines and newspapers, this style of writing is as old as the earliest commercial poster.

The advantages of using this type of style is that the words catch your eye and it seems like the advert is shouting at you to read it, it is also not possible to not read it because it is so big. On top of that certain words that have been made bigger than the others will catch people’s attention like the name of a celebrity.

The ideas that are forming from this concept is to use words like “fast” and “amazing” to catch people’s attention and to make them look really big and to make them take up most of the page so that it would be hard for people to miss it.

Visual Analyse Example 1


This advert is called “Oil: A lethal Addiction” made in 2006 it was designed by Stephen Coates for the front cover of the magazine “New Statesman”. The designer has used the concept loud typography in his work by making the work “oil” very big and by making it take up most of the space on the page. There is also the image of an oil pump in front of it and there are also other information written below the word oil in smaller fonts.

The purpose of the page is to get people to read the magazine, the concept helps do this because the word “oil” is written very big and takes up most of the space, this attracts peoples attention to the magazine because it is hard to miss the word, it also feels like the page is shouting out at you and telling you to read the magazine. It also makes it stand out from the other magazines because people look through magazines till they find one that catches their attention and using big words helps. It also helps to attract the target audience because they have made the word “oil” big and so people who are interested in topics involving oil will want to read this. The colour of the word is also red which is a colour that stands out a lot, it also means danger and the meaning of the page is to show  that using too much oil is dangerous.

What I find successful about this idea is the way in which they made a certain word bigger to show it’s importance and to make it stand out more, however there are parts that I don’t like about the page like the fact that it looks kind of wordy and boring, the only image that is shown is the hand holding an oil pump, it doesn’t really make me want to look at the page that much.

From this I am going to use the idea of making certain words bigger to show their importance and to make it stand out more, also certain words catch peoples attention, so I will use words that will catch the viewers attention.

Visual Analyse Example 2


This advert is called ‘Lengiz Books on all the branches of knowledge,’ it was designed by Aleksandr Rodchenko in 1924 for the Leningrad Department of Gosizdat. In the poster it shows a black and white photo of a woman who looks like she is shouting and a word that looks like it is coming out of her mouth. The artist has used the concept in his work by making the word coming out of her mouth very large.

Although I am not sure what the words on the poster say, I can still tell that it is meant to inform people of something, because the woman looks like she is shouting to someone this might be her shouting out to everyone to inform them of something important. The concept helps support this because the word that is coming out of the woman’s mouth is getting bigger as it goes along which could represent sound waves spreading out. Also because of the size of the word it looks like she is shouting because the word is so big, it is also in the shape of a megaphone, which again suggest that she is shouting and that she is trying to spread information, because the main reason people use megaphones is so that people from far away can hear them.

The concept makes this poster successful because if the word was normal size then it wouldn’t seem like the woman is shouting. For me the successful part about this poster is the fact that the word near the woman’s mouth gets bigger by the letters this makes it seem like the letters are sound particles that are spreading out, which I find to be very interesting. What I find to be unsuccessful about the piece is that there is way to much colour, there are pieces of blue, green, red and black at is spread all over the place and it makes it hard to concentrate.

For my own piece I am going to use the idea of making the words go from small to big so that they look like sound particles, I will also makes sure not to use an unnecessary amount of colour because then it would distract the viewer from the main image.

Visual Analyse Example 3


This advert was designed by Alex Trochut for Barclays bank and TFL London Biking Initiative in 2013. It shows a blue bike with the word “easy” for it’s body in the park with the London eye in the background. The purpose of the poster is to get people to start riding bikes in London. The designer has used the concept loud typography in this poster by making the word “easy” very large.

The meaning behind the poster is that riding a bike is easy and that everyone should do it, the poster shows this meaning by using the word easy to form the body of the bike which tells people that riding a bike is easy and in the background it shows the London eye and big Ben, which shows that they are trying to get more people to ride bikes in London.  The concept helps show this because it makes the word stand out from the other texts in the poster which are written in smaller fonts, also because the word is so large it seems like it is shouting at us the viewer that riding a bike is easy.  The large typography also attracts the viewer’s eye because the word is so big that it is hard to miss.

What I find successful about this piece is the fact that the designer has combined the words and the image of the bike together to form a new meaning because if a bike was shown on it’s own or the word easy was shown on it’s own then no one would know what the poster would be trying to say. What I find unsuccessful about this work is the fact that there is too much text at the bottom below the bike, if I am in a rush I will not have time to read all of that text, if the information was cut down a bit to a sentence then it might be possible to read without having to stop.

From this advert I will take away the idea of combining words and images together to form a new meaning, I will also make sure to keep my text short so that people can still read it without having to stop.



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