Research 7 – Colour Psychology

Colour psychology  is the study in which colours can affect a person’s ideas, behaviour and emotions. The idea is that a colour like blue might make a person feel differently to another colour like red. The use of colour can be dated back to the Egyptians who studied their effect on the mood of people and used them to accomplish holistic benefits, they believed that certain colours can give you powers for example they believed that the colour red increased circulation and stimulated the body and mind.

Now a days colour psychology is widely used in marketing and branding to influence consumers to buy products. From the colour of the company logo to the colour of the products to the colour of the store can be linked to colour psychology and the expectation we have of that store can also be linked to its colour for example pink is used in Victoria’s Secret branding because pink is seen as a romantic colour and is seen as girly and so we expect there to be womanly things sold in the store. It is shown that about 62%-90% of  a person’s judgement of a product is based on the colour and so the colour of that product is very important.

The advantages of this is that it can help attract the target audience for example if a company wants to sell a product exclusively  to women then they will use colours that we would associate with girls like pink and other light colours. More information is given to the audience by the colour, if the product is a dark colour like black then it could be considered cool and modern and other colours like blue can be seen as futuristic and high tech. The disadvantages are that you can loss target audiences with the colour of the product for example if a product made for women is pink some women don’t like pink and so might not want to buy the product because of the colour and so the company has loss out on a sale.

The part that I like about this is the ideas of using colour to influence the target to buy my product and to give information about my product through it’s colour. The idea that I have come up with is to use blue to make my advert look futuristic or to use red to make my advert feel wild and ambitious.

Visual Analyse Example 1


This is the well known coca-cola logo for the company coca-cola created by Frank Mason Robinson. The logo shows the name of the company written in fancy font, there is no image shown, just words.

The colour of the logo plays a big factor in the amount of sales the company makes. The colour of the logo, red, is seen as taking action, energy and speed, which can be linked to the fact that it contains a lot of sugar and so people who drink it will be given energy. It can also be seen as passionate which can be linked with people being passionate about the drink. This advert is aimed at young people because the colour red symbolises energy and young people are seem as energetic.

This concept helps sell the product because the logo doesn’t show any images and so doesn’t show any information about the product, using colour helps convey information, also whenever people see the colour red they will be thinking about this product. The downside of this is that there are some people who are colour blind and so the colour of the product will not affect them or the colour might mean a different thing to the consumer for example someone might see the colour read as passionate, someone else might see it as aggressive, also just using the logo is not very interesting and could look boring to some people.

For my own design I am going to use the idea of adding certain colours to convey information about the car, however I will not just have words in the advert I will also add in some images so that it does not look boring and I will make sure that the colour I use dose not convey a different meaning to what I what it to have.

Visual Analyse Example 2


Image result for blue logo

This is the logo for the well known social media site Twitter and is commonly called the “Twitter Bird”. It was made by Doug Bowman in 2012. The logo shows a blue bird that is pointing it’s beak up to the sky, there is also no writing. The designer has used the concept colour psychology by making the bird blue.

The purpose of the logo is so that people can recognise it and associate it with the site. The message that the logo is meant to represent according to the designers is freedom, hope and limitless possibility. The concept helps convey the message because blue is the colour of the sky and the sky is mostly associated with freedom and hope, and so when people see the logo it gives them the feeling of freedom. Also the colour blue is meant to mean devotion which could mean people devoting themselves to freedom, it is also the colour of trust and so when the costumers see the logo they feel like they can trust the site. Another thing is that blue also means clam and peaceful and so people feel like they can take their time on the site and relax.

The successful part about this, is that the designer has used colour to help covey the message the logo is meant to send and so no words are needed because the colour says it all, however because there is no words, it can not tell the audience that the logo is for twitter. If someone who has never seen the logo before or has never heard of twitter they will not know what the logo is for.

For my advert I am going to take away the idea of using colour to help convey the message that I am trying to send, so if the message is that the car is really fast and powerful, then I might make the car re to symbolise power, I will however add some words in because there are some information that colour can not tell, like the make of the car and exactly how fast the car can go.




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