Digital Thumbnail 1


This digital thumbnail is based off of the 2nd thumbnail for the concept expression of speed in my sketchbook. The original thumbnail showed a car with rockets at the back with the caption “don’t just be fast be the fastest”, the car is not yet finished because I wanted to see what it would look like before I completed it. The the parts that I have kept the same of the original idea is to have rockets attached to the back of the car and to have fire coming out of the rocket, I have also placed it against a grey background. What I have changed about the thumbnail is that I have made the car look more sporty and I made the rocket look more like a rocket, I have also made more fire come out of the rocket so that it looks more powerful, I have also made the car a dark grey colour instead of a purple colour like in the sketchbook, because darker colours makes the car look cool.

The successful part of this thumbnail is the rocket because it shows that the car is as fast as a rocket it also shows that it is as powerful as a rocket as well. As I was working on the drawing I was thinking of ways to make the car look more powerful and so I made the flame coming out of the rocket really big to show that it is powerful. I also think that the background makes the work successful as well because the background is plain and so all the attention is on the car and there is nothing that can distract the viewer’s from the car, I got this idea from the concept white space but instead of having a white background I made it grey to make it look more modern. The unsuccessful part about this work is that there is no fonts or captions to give some information about the car, without any fonts it seems like there is something missing.

The overall meaning of this design is to show that the car is powerful and fast and the rocket shows this because rockets are seen as powerful and fast and so when the viewer looks at the poster they will think that the car must be fast. The background also shows this because it is dark in space and the back ground is also dark, which makes people think that the rocket is so powerful that it ppeled? the car into space.

From doing this digital drawing I have learnt to use imagery  to help convey the message that I am trying to send, like the way I used the rocket to help send the message that the car is powerful. To develop my idea further I would add in a caption or slogan, something like “as powerful as a rocket” so that the space doesn’t seem as empty.







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