Digital Thumbnail 2


This digital thumbnail is based off of the 2nd thumbnail for the concept colour psychology in my sketchbook. The original thumbnail showed a a side view of a black car with blue around the edge and around the windows against a white background.The parts that I have kept from the original thumbnail is the idea of showing the side view of a car, the main colour of the colour dark grey with some bits being blue.The parts that I changed about the thumbnail are that, the car doesn’t have a hood, I did this so that the car looks more like a sports car and to make it look more modern. I have also added in high lights and dark tones as well because the thumbnail in the sketchbook was block colours, this makes it look more realistic and visually interesting. I have also added the colour blue in different places, for the original drawing there was just blue around the edge of the car and around the windows, however in this digital drawing I have added blue to the wheels and head lights because it didn’t look right having blue around the edge. The car is also against a blue background while the thumbnail i the sketchbook was against a white background, I have done this because blue is meant to be clam and relaxing and so when people see it they think the the car is relaxing inside, also the bright blue makes it hard to not notice the poster and lastly I added font in to the poster because the background looked a bit empty and that something was missing.


The successful part about this thumbnail is the colour because the bright blue makes it hard to not notice the poster and it catches people’s eye, the colour blue also looks cool and futuristic and so the car also seems cool and futuristic. I also think that the typeface in the poster is also really good because it also looks futuristic and I want to show that my car is the car of the future. The unsuccessful parts about the work is that there is way to much blue in the background, it is drawing the attention away from the main image which is the car,also the caption says that the car is fast however the car isn’t doing anything to show that it is fast and the fonts are quite small and it is hard to read what they say.

The overall meaning of this thumbnail is to show that the car is very fast and that it is cool and futuristic, this is shown my the colour that is used in the poster. The car is both dark grey and blue, dark colours are usually seen as cool and blue is seen as a futuristic colour. Also the caption says “don’t just be fast be the fastest” which tells the viewer that the car is not just fast but is faster than any other car.

From doing this digital drawing I have learnt that I can use colour to add personality to the car also to use fonts to give information about the car like it being really fast. To develop my thumbnail more I will turn down the colour of the blue in the background because it is to over powering, I might fade it out a bit, I will also make the fonts bigger so that the viewer can see it properly.



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