Digital Thumbnail 3


I based this digital thumbnail off of the 1st thumbnail of the concept visual puns in my sketchbook. The original idea showed an image of a gun against a white background with a car coming out of it and a caption saying “faster than a speeding bullet”. The parts that I have kept the same from the original thumbnail is having the car come out of a gun, with the caption saying “faster than a speed bullet”. The differences between the thumbnails are that for the gun I have used an image offline and only half of the gun is shown this is because in the original thumbnail when the whole of the gun was shown it took up most of the space and so you could only see a small car when the the car should be the main part, I also placed it against a grey background and I have made the back of the car look really blurry, to give the impression that the car is moving really fast.


The successful part about this thumbnail is the idea of making it look like the car is being shot from the gun because it shows that the car is really fast and that it is also really powerful. The unsuccessful parts about the work is that the font is way to small and it kind of looks out of place, also the background is not very interesting and the car doe not look very interesting as well.


The overall idea that the thumbnail is meant to show is that the car is really powerful and fast and the image of the car being shot out of a gun shows this because the car is meant to be a bullet and bullets are known for being really fast which means that the car must be fast as well and the there is a lot of power that comes from a gun shot and so it shows that the car is also powerful. the caption also shows that the car is moving really fast because it says “faster than a speeding bullet” which tells the viewer that the car must be fast because it says that it is as fast as a bullet.


From doing this digital thumbnail I have learnt to use images to show the features of the car like the way in which the gun shows that one of the features of the car is that it is fast, also to use the car in place of other images for example I place the car in the place of a bullet. To develop my thumbnail I will add some more colour to the car to make it look more interesting and I will make the font bigger so that you can see it and more it to a better location where it fits.



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