After I had presented my work to Kate I had gotten back some feed back. The idea that she mostly preferred was the third digital thumbnail that I had done, which showed a car being shot out of a gun. She thought that the blurring of the car was a good idea, however she told me not to show to much of the gun because people will pay more attention to the gun than to the car. She also told me that I should move the font to a location that people can see it, which I think is correct because when it was up on the board it was kind of hard to see, it also looked kind of out of place, so she suggested to me that I move the font below the car and make it bigger so that people could see. Kate also said that I could make the car look more like a bullet and add some colour to it.

Kate also liked the concept colour psychology however the digital thumbnail that I had done for the concept, she thought that the colour blue did not fit, which I had to agrees with her because I wanted to show that the car was fast and powerful and that the car blue was more of a relaxing and peaceful colour. She told me to use red because it symbolise power and energy and that I should look in to the red and black concept, she also said that I should not put to much red because people might get the wrong idea and think that I am showing that cars are dangerous because red is the colour of danger.

Overall I think that The presentation went really well with Kate, she gave me so really good feedback and helped me improve my idea. From the feed back I got I am going to use the bullet idea because Kate said that it was the strongest, I will also use the colour red and not blue and I will move the location of the font and make it bigger.


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