Final Evaluation

The brief for this unit was to create a car advert for a magazine page and for a website banner. The car had to be either a sports car or a vintage car, I chose to advertise a sports car because I like the way they look and I think that they are more interesting than vintage cars. I also like the idea of the car going really fast and so I tried to show the speed in the advert. I found the brief to be very interesting because I love the look of cars and I like to look at car adverts and so I was really excited about doing this unit. I approached this project my first researching concepts and looking at examples to help influence my ideas, I then looked at idea generating technicians like mind maps and moldboards and done some thumbnails based off the concepts, I then done some digital thumbnails based off of my drawn thumbnails but refined and improved them as I went along. My final concept was a grey and red car being shot out of a hand gun with the caption “faster than a speeding bullet”, this was to show that the car was powerful and fast. I reached this concept by looking into other concepts like expression of speed, visual puns and colour psychology then drawing ideas from them and using them to develop my ideas. My research helped develop this concept, by giving me different ideas that I could use like with expression of speed I got the idea of showing that the car is moving really fast by making it blurry at the back which is meant to tell people that the car is moving so fast you can barely see it and from Visual puns, I got the idea of showing the car as a bullet so that people think that the car is as fast as a bullet and colour psychology gave me the idea of using colour to help create the personality of the car, for example red shows that it is fierce and wild. My concept fully meets the brief because it advertises a sports car and I have produced an advertisement page for a magazine and for a webpage banner. I would say that the most successful part about my concept is the way in which it shows speed by making the car look like it has been shot out of a gun because this visually tells people that the car is both really fast and powerful without having to use any words. The part that I think could still do with some improving would be the background because it looks kind of bare and not very interesting. Throughout the whole project I would say that my main successes would be coming up with ideas and developing them further and making them better. To me I think that the ares that I could improve on would be evaluating my work and researching concepts because for some of the research I found it hard to tell about some parts of it. From doing this project I have learnt that I can mix ideas together to create a better one like how I mixed some features from my thumbnails and ideas from the concepts to form a new and original idea and have also learnt of ways to come up with ideas and ways of how I can develop them.



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