Final Product Development

As I was developing my final product for my magazine page and banner, I made some changes that I believe improved the overall design and developed my idea.

To create my final product I uploaded a picture of a car that I took on to Photoshop.thumbnailwithoutline87111.jpg

I then created a new layer and used the pen tool to draw an outline around the car and around light and dark shades of the car, this is so that it would be easier for me to see where the shades are on the car.thumbnailwithoutline872222

I then clicked on the eye on the layer that the car was on, to make the car photo go away, so that I can start adding colour.


I then created a new layer and called it “black shades” and used the pen tool to colour in all the black parts of the car.


I then created a new folder and in it I created 3 layers, grey, dark grey and light grey. I then shaded in the grey parts of the cars body.


I wanted to add in some red to the car to give it some colour and make it look interesting but also because red is seen as a powerful colour and so if I add some red in then people will think that it is a powerful car. For the shades of red I did the same thing as I did with the shades of grey and created a new folder and in it I created the folders, red, dark red and light red. The parts of the car that I made red was the side mirror, the hood, the door handles the top of the spoiler, the rear head light and the lines on the side of the car. I thought that it would be best if I only added in a little red and not make the whole car red because that might be to much.thumbnailwithoutline4444444

I also created 2 more layers and called them head light and window. In the head light layer I coloured in the head light and in the window layer I coloured in the windows.


I wasn’t sure if I should keep the outline for the car, but I thought having the outline removed would make the car look more realistic, also I want to blur the end of the car and the black outline might ruin the blur. So I got rid of the outline.thumbnailwithoutline6666666666

I also did some experiments with the colours. I wanted to see if the car would look better if I blurred the colours together and so I used the smudge tool to blur the colours together. Although not much difference can be seen, it does refine some of the edges a bit and makes it look a bit more like a real car.thumbnailwithoutlinehi

I also experimented with different types of guns to see if a certain type wound make the car look better. The first experiment shows the end of a shotgun and the second one shows a hand gun. I prefer the hand gun because shot guns are kind of old fashioned and I want to show that by car is modern and the shot gun doesn’t help show that. Also the hand gun looks visually better than the shot gun and so I will chose the end of the hand gun. gun-one



I then had to decide on how I was going to do the blur. I thought about blurring the back of the car like in my other thumbnails. However I found that doing it this way means that I would have to disfigure the back of the car and I want the viewer to be able to see every inch of the

and so I came up with the idea of creating a copy of the car layer then placing the layer behind the original layer lower the opacity to 30% then blur that image instead so that the car this looks like it is moving fast but you can still see all of the

For the type faces I used the font Marake because I thought it looked cool and futuristic which is what I want to show about my car. A gave it the caption ” faster than a speeding bullet” and I made the word bullet really big and I changed it’s colour to red  so that the word stands out from the others.



Final Outcome




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