Kate Molloy

For the presentation part of the unit, I shall be presenting my ideas so far to Kate Molloy a local graphic designer based in Cambridge. After doing some research about Kate, I found that she created her own company in 2011 called “Little designers Cambridge” here is a link to her website http://www.littledc.co.uk/.

From presenting my work to Kate I am hoping to gain export knowledge about what is working for my ideas and what isn’t. Because Kate is a professional  graphic designer she has experience so she knows what works in a design and what does work and so she can give me feed back on what she thinks will sell the product and what she thinks will not. She can even tell me what idea will most like appeal to the consumers and can tell me what she think I should add or take away to improve the product.

For the presentation I will present my work in a power slide. For each slide I will show the thumbnails that I had for each concept. I will also have my sketchbook on the table in front of she so that she can go back and look at the thumbnails. I will also be talking about what the thumbnails are meant to show, what I thought about each concept, how I have used the concept to help form my ideas and what I like and don’t like about the ideas.

To keep Kate interested in the presentation I will make sure that I make it look exciting by adding in colours to the presentation so that it doesn’t look to boring but to so much that it draws the attention away from the thumbnails. I will also make sure that the thumbnails are clear to see and to make sure that I am speaking clearly and express my ideas in a clear way, so that she understands. I will also be questioning her and asking her what she thinks I should change and may be coming up with some new ideas.



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