Personal Research – Red with Black

From the feedback that I got from Kate I was told that I should look in to the concept red with black.

The concept red with black is where the colours red and black are used together in a work. This concept was developed in 1919 in the poster “beat the whites with the red wadge” by Russian artists El Lissitzky, from that moment on the concept red with black was widely used by graphic designers. According to Lissitzky red stood for revolutionary forces, while black stood for darkness. The colours red and black were also used in Soviet propaganda posters. Now a days the concept red with black can be seen in posters, collages, photos and in some magazines.

The advantages of using red with black is that red is an eye catching colour and so if the poster has red more people are likely to look at the poster, also black stands out from the red . The colours red and black work really well with each other and makes the work look exciting and interesting. The disadvantages are that I would have to stick to those two colours, I can’t add another colour like blue because then it wouldn’t have the same effect.

From this concept I am getting the idea of having a black car with bits of red in it.

Visual Analyse Example

Image result for a season in hell poster

This poster is called “A season in hell” it is designed in 1944 by Alvin Lustig. The poster shows black and white shapes against a red background, some of the shapes have fonts on them and they spell out the word “Rimbaud a season in hell”. The artist has used the concept red with black by making the background red and by having some of the shapes black.

The concept red and black makes this poster successful because the colour red is a really eye catching colour and so more people will see it because it will catch their eye. The black also stands out well from the red so the red background is not drawing all the attention away.

That part that I likes about this poster was the colours used because they really worked well with each other, the white and black didn’t get loss in the red and they made the work more interesting to look at.

For my own poster I am going to take the idea of using red, black and white together. I am going to have a white background with a red and black car placed on top.


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