Presenting to car Enthusiasts

The target market that I will be presenting will be car enthusiasts. car enthusiasts tend to be middle aged and spend a lot of money on their car to improve it speed or to make it look and sound better. They also tend to go to car events and shows.

From presenting my ideas to the target market, I hope to gain feedback of what appeals to them and what it is that my like or dislike about my ideas and so I will be able to make my final product in a way that will appeal to them.

For my presentation, I will present my work on a A3 piece of paper, I will add some colour to the presentation so that it looks visually appealing however I will not add to much as it may be to hard to look at and focus at the thumbnails, so I will limit it to 3 colours only.

To keep my target markets interest I will present my work in an exciting way by using colour and to also use lots of different looking thumbnails because if they all look the same then it would get boring to look at.



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