Development of new final piece.

Having looked back at my final piece I decided I wanted to develop it further to make it fit more with a car advert aesthetic, e.g. include a car logo and information about the car. I also wanted to refine the drawings and look at the composition.

One part of the advert that I changed was the way the gun looked because it originally looked rough around the edges and the blending of the colours were not done properly and so I used the paint tool to go over the gun and redo the blending so that it looks better and also used the rubber tool to rub away the rough edges and make the gun look smoother. I believe that this makes the advert look a lot better and more professional because the images or more refined.

screen-shot-2016-11-18-at-13-39-00             screen-shot-2016-11-18-at-14-03-27

Another thing that I changed about the advert was that I made the car into more of a bullet shape by making the blur of the back of the car come closer together to give it the feel of it coming out of the gun. This makes the advert more successful because it makes the car look more like a bullet and makes it look like the car is being propelled out of the gun.


I also made the car longer because before the car looked quite small and so making it longer makes it look more like a sports car, it also makes it more appealing to people because most people want a big car.


I also changed the layout of the poster from portrait to landscape. I did this because having it landscape gave the car more room and it didn’t have to be so close to the gun also there was a lot of space at the top of the advert and so this way the space is being filled, it also meant that I could show a little bit more of the gun .


I then changed the background colour to a lighter grey and placed a line at the bottom I did this because the background was too dark and I wanted a lighter grey colour so that the dark grey of the car stood out from the light grey. I made the line at the bottom a darker grey than the background so that is stands out, I also placed a line because most car adverts have a line at the bottom as well, where they place the information about the car. At the bottom right of the advert I have also placed a car logo, I have done this because other car adverts also show their logos in their adverts and so placing a logo makes my advert look more professional and like a real advert.


The last changes that I made to the advert was that I added a border to the bottom of the page and placed information about the car on top of it, I did this because the dark grey border stands out from the light grey background, which makes it more noticeable and the white text on top also stand out from the dark grey. The text makes the car advert more successful because other car adverts also have text to tell people more about the car and so this makes the advert look more like a real advert. I have also blurred the word “Bullet” to make it seem like the word is also moving fast and to make it standout more from the other words and when the viewer sees he word bullet they are thinking of the speed of a bullet.

Screen Shot 2016-11-25 at 13.57.19.png


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