Supermarket Photos


Here are a number of photos that I have taken of fruit juices at the supermarket. These juices appeal to a variety of  different audiences, in different ways. Some of the juices are aimed at children, like the Um Bongo fruit juice which shows cartoon like animal characters, which would appal to children, however most are aimed at aimed adults. Different media have also been used, in some packaging watercolours have been used and for others illustrations and felt tips, some even use just the photo of the fruit. I have found a few techniques within the fruit juice cartons, like for the Tesco’s organic apple and orange juice, white space has been used.

The information that the visual recordings convey are what the juice contains, they convey this by showing the fruits that will be in the juice, like the V8 juice which shows everything that the juice contains. Overall the visual recordings in the packaging are not that stylised, they all look the way the real fruit would look in real life. For all the juice packaging the fruits are show quite large and take up most of the space, apart from the Um Bongo juice because it shows cartoon characters instead of fruits and Cawston press juice where the writing takes up most of the space. From looking at the recordings I can not tell any specific meaning or message that they are trying to convey. I can also not see any patterns that have been used within the packaging.

The colours that have been used within the recordings are bright and colourful, they have used colours like red and yellow that standout very well to make the product itself standout from the others and to catch the consumer’s attention. I have also found that not a lot of lines are used in the recordings, the ones that do use lines are the Tesco’s organic juices, which use very thin lines for the outlines of the fruits. I have also found that the recordings tend to use round circle shaped fruits, like cherries, apples and oranges.




Here are a collection of fruit juice images that I got from the internet.

Image result for fruit juice packagingImage result for fruit juice packagingImage result for fruit juice packagingRelated imageImage result for fruit juice packaging


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