Refined Drawing 1

Here is the first refined drawing that I have done. The drawing is for the family fruit juice packaging. For this drawing I have uploaded a image of a seesaw on to Photoshop and drew an outline around it, then coloured in the outline. I also uploaded a watercolour drawing I did of an orange  and placed it at the end of the seesaw, I also gave the orange human features like eyes, arms and legs, I did this because it makes the orange look like a cartoon character and children love to watch cartoons and so they will be attracted to this design.

To appeal more to children I could add in some more colours because the colours that I have used don’t really standout that much and so the colours don’t grab the children’s attention. I chose to draw a seesaw because I want the drawing to appeal to children and children love playgrounds and so I drew something that you would see in a playground.

For this design I chose to draw the seesaw digitally because I wanted it to look like a cartoon and it was easier to do it digitally. I chose to draw the orange with watercolours because it make the orange standout from the seesaw and makes it more noticeable. I think that the use of these materials was successful because the seesaw looks like a cartoon which is what I was going for and the watercolour makes the orange standout from the design.

My design was affected my the work of  Andy Warhol. In Warhol’s work he used thin lines and block colours and I have used block colours for the seesaw and I have used thin lines for the outline of the seesaw and the orange. I think that using block colours for the seesaw makes the design more successful because it makes it look like a cartoon, which is what I wanted.

To improve the recording I would add in some colours to the background because it looks boring and not very appealing. I would also add in more bright colours to the design so that the drawing standout more and catches more attention.

I think that the drawing is relevant for the brief because the design is aimed at children and you can tell that it is for children just by looking at it, the design also has fruits in it, which tells people that it is for a juice packaging.

screen-shot-2016-11-28-at-13-51-20Screen Shot 2016-11-24 at 16.03.21.png


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