Refined drawing 2

This is the 2nd refined drawing that I have done. The drawing is aimed at families fruit juice packaging. For this recording I uploaded an image of a football and a basketball onto Photoshop, I then traced around them to get the outline. I then used oil pastels and watercolour pencils to draw the fruits, I then scanned them in and placed them on top of the balls to give them faces.

This design appeals to the target market because kids love playing sports and so the football and the basketball will attract children’s attention, also because I have used the fruits to make faces on the balls they look like cartoon characters. I think that I have successfully appealed to the target market with this design because the balls look like characters and children are more attracted to products that have characters on the packaging. To make this recording appeal more to children, I could add in some colour to the background because it looks kind of boring and not that exciting, if I make it look more colourful then more child will be attracted to the design.

For this recording the drew the 2 balls digitally and for the blueberry and watermelon I used watercolour pencils and for the gapes and banana I used oil pastels. I think that using these materials was successful because using the oil pastels and the watercolour pencils gave some texture to the fruits, it also made the fruits standout from the balls.

For this drawing I was influenced by the work of Derrick Greaves. In his work he placed images in a pattern, which is what I have done with this design, I placed the two faces in a pattern so that it fills up most of the space and so that it looks more interesting then just two faces.

To improve this recording I would redraw the grapes and blueberries because they don’t really look like gapes and blueberries, I would also scan the watermelon drawing in again because part of it is see through and I would also add in some colour to the background to make it look more interesting and to make it appeal more to kids.

I think that this recording is relevant to the brief because it shows footballs and basketballs which appeal to kids, which also means that it fits the families fruit juice packaging. The design also shows fruit in it which tells people that the design is for a fruit juice packaging.






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