Kate Molloy

After doing some research about Kate, I found that she is a local graphics designer based in \cambridge and that she has created her own company in 2011 called “Little designers Cambridge” here is a link to her website http://www.littledc.co.uk/. The aim of her presentation is to show a range of different concepts and ideas to the client so that she knows which ones they like and what to take forward. The target audience for her presentation is someone who wants a logo for their blog “Plant Grief”.

In the presentation Kate has used simple designs and a limited amount of colours, like for one of her designs she used white and 2 different shades of blue, this appeals to the target audience because the blog is meant to be for people who are grieving for their loved ones and so having a simple design, would appeal more to them, then a big flashing one. Also the white and blue used, gives a calming and relaxing feel to the logo and people who are grieving want a relaxing site to go onto help with their grief.

Throughout the presentation Kate has used the same colours like white and blue for her designs, she has also used the idea of white space throughout all her designs, they also look very similar to each other, one or 2 parts of the designs have been changed, like in one design the hands were white around a blue planet and in anther design the hands were blue around a white planet. However for her concept ideas they looked very different from each other and explored lot of different ways the idea can go while also still sticking to the idea of grief.

From looking at Kate’s work, I have came up with a few ideas for the style of my presentation. I’m going to show a range of visual recordings that are different from each other but also stick to the theme and I will also make the presentation look appealing and interesting and I will stick to a colour theme, like Kate had done with her’s by using blue and white.


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