Refined drawing 3

This is the 3rd refined drawing that I have done. This recording is for gym goers fruit juice. For this drawing I uploaded an image of a hand wright, I then placed a drawing a an apple on one side of the wrights and a drawing of an orange on the other side, I then traced around the wrights and coloured in the outline.

This design is meant to appeal to gym goers because it shows hand wrights which is a gym equipment, which means that when people see it they think of the gym. I don’t think that I have successfully appealed to the target audience because the recording doesn’t really look like a hand wright, also the recording doesn’t look very exciting. What I would change about this recording to make it appeal more to gym goers is make the hand wright look more realistic and less cartoon like, so that people can tell that it is meant to be a hand wright. I chose to draw a hand wrights because it is a gym equipment and so when people see it they will know that the juice it meant to be for gym goers.

For this recording I chose to draw the handle of the hand wright digitally and for the apple and orange I chose to draw them in pencil. I don’t think that the use of them was successful because the pencil drawings makes the recording look boring.

For this design I was inspired by the work of Caroline Church. In her drawing she used a lot of shading on the fruits and she also the the fruits black and white and didn’t add any colour to the background, which is what I have also done with my recording. I used a lot of shading to the fruits to make it look realistic. I don’t think that this artist’s style adds success to the recording because leaving the fruits black and white and having a white background makes the recording look boring and that very interesting.

To improve this recording I would make the handle bar of the wright look more realistic by adding in shading and I would also use a different material for the fruits like oil pastels to add in some colour to the recording, I would also add a colour to the background so that is doesn’t look so boring.

I think that this recording is relevant to the brief because it shows gym equipment, which tells people that it is for gym goers, the recording also shows fruits which tells people that the recording is for a fruit juice packaging.




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