Refined drawings 4

This is the 4th refined drawing that I have done, it is aimed at gym goers. To create this drawing, I uploaded an image of a man on a treadmill, I then traced around the image to get an outline, I then coloured the man in. Afterwards I digitally drew a bunch of bananas and placed them on top of the treadmill to make it look like the man was running on a treadmill made of bananas.

This recording is meant to appeal to gym goers because the treadmill is a gym equipment and it shows a man running. To appeal more to gym goers I could make the  bananas look more I a treadmill because it is kind of hard to tell what it is meant to be.

This whole recording was done digitally because it was easier to draw the man digitally than it was to draw by hand. For this recording I was influenced by the artist Paraschiv because in their work they used block colours for the fruits, which is what I have done for the bananas. I think that this adds success to the recording because the man is meant to be the main focus in the design and if I added to much detail to the bananas then the focus would be taken away.

The message that this recording is meant to send was that fruits are the fuel for your run. I think that I got this message across successfully because the man is running on the bananas which tells the viewer that bananas are fuelling him.

To improve this recording I would add different fruits to form the treadmill not just bananas, like berries, apples and oranges, so that the treadmill looks more interesting. I think that is recording is relevant to the brief because it has to show that it is for gym goers and in the recording it shows a treadmill which is a gym equipment and also in the brief it said that it has to show fruits and in the recording it shows bananas.





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