Further refined recordings

Here is another refined drawing that I have done. This drawing is aimed at gym goers. For this recording I uploaded an image of an orange, I then drew an outline around it and coloured it in orange, I then copied and pasted the image over and over again till I got a pattern.

This recording is meant to appeal to gym goers because the main colours in the recording are orange and yellow, which suggests to people joy and cheerfulness, which could mean that people are feeling joyful by going to the gym. I don’t think that this recording successful appeals to the target market because you can be joyful about other things as well also there is no imagery to suggest that the recording is for gym goers. To make this recording appeal more to gym goers I could add in some gym equipment, so that when people look at it they will know that it is gym goers.

I chose to draw oranges because they are bright and colourful, which makes it eye catching and attracts a lot of attention. This whole recording was done digitally, which I think was perfect for doing the oranges because if I had used another material then the oranges might of had not of turned out so bight, also i changed the colour of some of the oranges to more of a yellow colour, if I had used a different material then I would of had to draw the whole thing again.

This recording was influenced by the artist Greaves, who places fruits in a pattern, which is what I have done with my recording. I think that this style makes my wok more successful because having the oranges placed in a pattern makes the recording more interesting to look at than just having an orange on it’s own.

To improve this recording I would add in some gym equipment or images of people doing some exercise so that people know that the recording is aimed at gym goers.

I think that the recording is not relevant for the brief because it dose not show anything that would suggest that it is aimed at gym goers. If I was to that this recording forward I would use it as a background for the juice packaging and place another image onto of it.


Screen Shot 2016-12-07 at 11.46.41.png


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