Final Evaluation

The part working on the brief that I found to be the most interesting was drawing the recordings because I find drawing to be relaxing and fun. From looking at other artist’s work I was able to drew inspiration for my own like, like with Caroline Church I was able to draw inspiration from the dots and lines that she uses to help improve the look of my oranges for my final piece. Throughout the project I feel like I have successfully refined my recordings throughout the project because when I look back at the work that I had done at the beginning of the unit and compare it to the work I had done at the end, I can see that I have improved. The part that I feel were successful about the visual recordings was the drawing and coming up with ideas for more recordings however the part that I feel were unsuccessful throughout the project was the writing part because for some parts I didn’t know what to say. From out of the all the recordings that I have produced I feel that I have selected the right ones for my final pieces because they all look very nice and are interesting to look at. I feel that I have used effective sources because they have helped me a lot when creating my final pieces. I feel that the recording style that I have used for the final piece fits with the target audience that each piece is aimed at because for the families fruit juice packaging I used a cartoon like style, which will appeal to children because they love cartoons and for the gym goers I used dots to show the shading of the oranges and lemons which makes the design look more adult. The successful part about the final piece for gym goers is that the bright colours used attract people’s attention and it is hard not to notice it and the successful part about the families juice packaging is that it looks cartoon like and it shows characters, and kids love products that have mascots and characters on them. However the unsuccessful part about the 2 final pieces is that the gym goers one doesn’t show enough gym things in it, it only shows a woman running and for the families one could do with more of a mix of colour because the 2 main colours are blue and green. If I could do the designs again I think that I would add more gym themed stuff in the gym goers piece so that it appeals more and for the families piece I would add in some more colours as that it standsout even more. From this project I have learnt to use research to help influence my work and I think in the future for other projects I will do a lot of research and use it to help me improve my own work.


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