Final piece for fruit juice for families



Here is the mock up that I have chosen to take forward. From presenting this to the group I was told that there was not enough colour in the design and that I should add some more colour to make it appeal more to children. I was also told to look in to the work of Georgina Paraschiv.

Screen Shot 2016-12-15 at 15.43.25.png

After I looked at my mock up again I thought that there was not enough going on in the design that would keep a child interested and so I came up is the idea of creating more things to put in it to make it appeal more to children and so I uploaded a image of a slide onto Photoshop then used the pen tool to trace around it creating an outline.


Screen Shot 2016-12-15 at 16.06.14.png

After I had completed the outline I started to colour it in. I decided to only use block colours because using block colours makes the drawing look more like a cartoon and children love cartoons and so this will appeal to them and will attract their attention.


After I had coloured in the slide, I started to add in some darker colours for shading.


I then thought about adding in some more characters because the group said that the character would appeal to children and so I used watercolour paint to draw a apple and a blueberry and scanned them in and uploaded them onto Photoshop.


After I had scanned in the fruits, I then used the pen tool to draw an outline around them, I then added some features to them like eyes, arms and legs to make them look like people, I also added a hair tie to the blueberry to make her look like a girl so that the design will not only appeal to boys but will also appeal to girls as well.



I then opened up the template for the juice carton. I then placed the fruits on to the right side of the template, I also placed the apple on the slide to make it look like he is sliding down. I then created a new layer and used the shape tool and cut the template in 2, making the bottom half green to make it look like grass and the top half blue to make it look like the sky, by doing this I added more colour to the design then what it originally had. I also added more colour into the design by using the shape tool to add in a yellow sun and a few green patches of grass, I also made the caption “juice 4 health” yellow as well to add some more colour, I also used a font that looks like a child’s hand writing, so that it appeals more to kids. I added the caption “no artificial colours, flavors and preservatives” because I had noticed that some juices for kids say that, also it filled up most of the empty space that was there. I then added in the bar code and the ingredients list.


Here is what the final piece looks like. final-piece-two-copy



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