Final piece for fruit juice packing for gym goers



Here is the mock up that I have chosen to continue working on.From the feedback that I got from the group presentation, I was told that the mock up didn’t have anything that suggests that it is aimed at gym goers, I was also told to look into the work of the artist Caroline Church.


Screen Shot 2016-12-14 at 12.56.59.png

From looking at Church’s work I decide to use dots to some the shading of the orange and to also add some texture to it as well, like in her work and so I uploaded the image again and added dots to the darker areas. I also used the dots on the skin of the orange to give it some texture.


I then decide to instead of having just one fruit on the packaging I should add other and so I copied and pasted the same orange, then used the colour hue to change the colour from orange to yellow so that the fruit looks like a lemon. This gave the design a different colour instead of just orange, making it seem more interesting. I then copied and placed the image over and over again around the orange so that a pattern was formed.



I then did the same to the orange and copied and pasted it around the lemons, giving the design a mix of colour.



I then thought about how I could make this design appeal more to gym goers and I came up with the idea of using a silhouette of a person running, which will appeal to gym goers because you can also run on the treadmill and so I uploaded an image from the internet onto Photoshop, created a new layer and traced around the woman’s body to get an outline.



After I had done the outline, I used the magic wand tool select the inside of the outline, then used the bucket tool to paint it all white, creating a silhouette.


As a test to see what the silhouette would look like I placed it against the orange and lemon pattern that I had done, to make sure that it looked OK.


I then opened the juice carton template and placed the orange and lemon pattern on top, I then placed the silhouette of the woman running on the right side of the carton and added the caption “juice 4 health” at the top and “perfect for a day at the gym” at the bottom. For both of these captions I created a border by creating a new layer then using the shape tool, I drew 2 white rectangle around both of them, then turned the opacity  down to 50. I then placed in the bar code and the ingredients list on the left side of the template.

Here is what the final piece looks like.




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