Assessment 3. Unit 41. Words and Images in Graphic Design


The Cambridge tourist board “visit Cambridge” is looking for a designer to rebrand their visual identity and launch a advertising campaign to get more tourists to come and visit Cambridge. They want I graphic designer to come up with ideas and to brand Cambridge as an exciting and interesting place.

The designer must chose one of the 4 target markets that they want to advertise to:

  • Young adults interested in urban culture.
  • 25 – 35 year olds interested in arts, music and the outside.
  • 35 – 60 year olds interested in a historical day out.
  • Families interested in entertaining their children.

The company also requests that the design has a strong typographical element and combines words and images together in unique and different ways. By the end of the project the I have to produce a logo that combines the words ‘Visit Cambridge’ with relevant imagery and an A3 poster that contains the logo and combines relevant words and imagery in order to advertise Cambridge.


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