Industry issues

For this unit the client wants me to produce a logo and a A3 poster, both of which must have a strong typographical element and must combine words and images together, they must also appeal to one of the target markets, young adults interested in urban culture, 25 – 35 year olds interested in arts, music and the outside, 35 – 60 year olds interested in a historical day out and families interested in entertaining their children. It is important that that I fellow what the client wants because the design that I produce may not appeal to them or the target market they are aiming the design at, fellowing what the client wants gives me an idea of how the design should look.

The design that I produce must fit with the current visual identity of visit Cambridge because if it did not fit with the theme then no one would be able to connect the design with visit Cambridge because they look so different to each other, it is also important that the design looks a bit different as well because looking at the same things will get boring after awhile.

The target audience that I am going to aim the design at will be 35 – 60 year olds interested in a historical day out, it is important that you sider your target audience because it helps you think about how to can make it appeal to them, if you did not then you would not know how to make the design appeal to them. To appeal to my target audince I am going to show historical buildings.


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