Peer review

After showing my work to my peer, I was given feedback about which design I should take forward and what to improve about the design. I was told that my most successful design was my first rough design, because of the way in which words and images have been combined makes it look interesting, however I was told that the unsuccessful part about this design is that there was not much colour in it and it did not stand out that much, which I will agree with her because there is nothing to attract people’s attention and makes them want to look at the design.

To improve this poster I will add in more colour and imagery to makes the design stand out more and to make it look more interesting.

I was also told that I should combine some feature from my second rough design with this one. In my second rough design I used words to form the background and in this design I was told that I should add words to the background.

To improve my work and add changes, I am going to be looking at the designer from my research, Eiko Ojala. In his work he placed words behind and in front of the image to give it some depth and to make it look like the words and images affect each other, also the designer used paper texture within his design and so this gives me the idea of using texture within my design as well.


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