Birthday Cards Research

Card 1

The types of materials that have been used within this design are:

  • coloured and patterned card
  • string
  • paper money
  • red and green crayons
  • black in pen

This card kind of gives of a childish feel to it this is because crayons have been used for the flame of the candles and children are mostly known for using crayons and so this could of had been made my a child.

The bright colous and card that have been used also gives off the feeling of joy this is because bright colours are used to show when someone is happy. Different patterns have also been used for the parts that hold the money, this also gives of the feeling of joy because the patterns also have a lot of bright colours within them.

I think that this piece is quite effective in using the media and materials in conveying it’s intended message. Because from looking at the card it conveys the message that getting money on your birthday is the best part about having a birthday and this is shown by placing the flames above the money and making the notes look like candles.

The idea that I got from this card is to allow the person giving the card to add in their own objects, like how the card has slots to place in money, I would have something on my card that could maybe allow you to place in flowers.


Card 2

The only material that has been used within this design is pieces of blue and orange coloured card, the designer has also used a bit of white space around the fish.

This card kinds of gives of a humorous feeling, this is because the card has been used to create a 3D image of a fish’s face and so when you open it up you see a fish, which is something that you would not quite expect from a birthday card and so it is a funny surprise.

There are also other elements that makes this card funny, for example the location of the text is placed inside the mouth of the fish, which is funny because you would not expect the words “your the best” to be inside a fishes mouth. Another element that also makes this quite funny is the words at the side of the fish which says “hope your day goes swimmingly” this is a visual pun because the designer has shown a image of a fish to illustrate the words.

I would say that this card is quite effective in conveying it’s intended meaning because from looking at the card I can tell that it is meant to wish that their day goes well, at the same time being funny and it does this by crating a visual pun from the words.

From this card I have been given the idea of making objects pop out at the user when they open it, this will give the user a bit of a surprise and will make it seem more real and fun than a card that simple has a drawing on it.


Card 3

The medias and materials that have been used are:

  • String
  • Newspaper for the background
  •  Green watercolour paint for the sides of the newspaper
  • Marker pen for the border and the Happy Birthday
  • coloured and patterned card for the ties

The card gives off a vintage feeling and it feels like the card is done for an older man, this is because newspaper was been used for the background and you would normally associate newspapers with older man, also because the paper is in black and white it makes the card seem vintage.

The green water colour paint that is around the edge of the newspaper, makes it seem like the paper is so old that it has become moldy, which again gives it an vintage feel. Dark tones have also been used quite a bit within the designs, this is probably also to show that the card is going moldy.

From this card I have been given the idea of using colour to appeal to the target audience, like how the dark tones and green were made to look like the card is vintage to appeal to older people and so if I want it to appeal to kids, I will use a lot of bright colours however if I want it to appeal to older people I would use a limited colour palette.




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