Claudio Parentela “Painting1046” 2013 (emotions of excitement, celebration, chaos)


Within the work the media that the artist has used is watercolour paint for the left side of the face, black and brown marker pen for the hair and eyes, Biro pen for the drawing on the forehead and left shoulder and half of a photo for the right half of the woman’s face. The feeling that I get from this collage, is a feeling of mixed emotions like joyful, scared and sad  this is because so many different types of media has been used which could suggest that the person is going through a range of emotions all at once.

The artist has also used elements of visual language as well to convey the meaning and emotions. For example the artist has used a range of colours within the work, this again suggest that the person is going through a mixed of emotions, because the artist has used yellow which suggest happiness, however he has also used red which could suggest anger or passion and the colour could suggest that the person is sad.

I would say that this piece is very effective in communicating it’s message through the uses of materials, techniques and processes because just froming at the work I can tell that there is a range of different messages that is being sent from the media and colours used.

From this work I have been given the idea of using different types of media and colour to suggest different types of emotions that the person might be going through, for example if I was to create a birthday card, I will use the yellow to suggest joy of having a birthday and red to suggest the fear of having to get older.


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