Gustav Klimt, “The kiss” 1907 (emotions of love, passion, ecstasy)


For this artwork the artist has used oil paint and gold leaf on canvas. The feeling that the media and materials used gives of the feeling of love and passion as well as joy, the media evokes theses feeling because the artist has used oil paint and oil paint is known for being glossy and shinny, this gives off more of a feeling of happiness then sadness.


The artist manly used the colour gold within his work, the colour gold is known for representing  love and passion and the couple in the work are covered in gold which means that they are passionate about each other. The colour gold also signify wealth and money and so it could be seen that to both people the other is priceless because they are covered in gold which shows that they are worth a lot to each other. The 2 people are also placed in the centre this could suggest that the painting is trying to say that the other person is the centre of their world.

I would say that the artwork is quite effective in using materials, techniques and processes to convey it’s meaning because it uses the colour to help convey it’s meaning and so the moment that people see the colour they already know what the painting is trying to say, also the large amount of the colour used, suggests to people that the emotion of which the work is trying to show is big and passionate.

From this work I have been given the idea of using composition and layout to suggest meaning, like how the artist paced the couple in the centre to show that they are the centre of each other’s world.


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