Pablo Picasso, “Woman with Folded Arms” 1901 (emotions of sadness and loneliness)


To create this piece the media and materials that the artist used for this piece are, lithograph and oil paint. The feeling that these medias convey are sadness, this is because oil paint is known for being shinny, this gives the work a wet look and water can be linked to crying and people cry when they are sad.

This work also conveys emotions and meaning through elements of visual language, like the use of colour and tones. Within the work the artist has used a number of blue tones for both the background and the woman, this suggests that the woman is sad because when people think of the colour blue they are thinking of sadness, also the woman herself is a bit blue and when people say that you are blue they are saying that you are sad. The artist has also used a lot of dark tones, this gives the piece an eery feeling and makes it feel like something bad has happened to this woman.

I would say that this piece is very effective in conveying it’s intended meaning through the materials and techniques and processes, this is because both the media and colour used suggests a strong message of sadness.

From this work I have been given the idea of using tones to help show the intended message of my card design, for example using dark tones to show dark feelings and light tones to show happy feelings.


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