Sympathy Cards Research


Card 1


The media and materials that the design used for the card are:

  • Green and white ribbons
  • patterned card
  • Artificial flowers

This card gives the feeling of purity this is because the artificial flowers that the designer used are calla lilies and calla lilies have been used for many years at funnels as a way to represent sympathy and the purification of a departed soul. These flowers are also used in any occasion that involve major transitions, rebirths and new beginnings.

The ribbons on the card can also signify the feeling of hope through the texture of the fabric, because ribbons are normally smooth this could suggest that the loved one is hoping that they had a smooth transition to the after life.

In the card the colour white has been used quite a lot, this also gives the feeling a purity because the colour white is mainly associated with innocence and purity, this can also link to the flowers because the flowers are meant to represent purification of the soul and so afterwards the soul would be pure.

I would say that the way in which the designer has used materials, techniques and processes is very effective in communicating it’s intended message, because the materials used symbolizes a message, like the flowers symbolizes purity.

From looking at this card design I have gotten the idea of using objects and flowers that have a meaning or signify a message, like how the calla lilies signified the purification of the soul, this way I can get more information across without having to use lots of words.

Card 2

The materials that have been used with in the card are:

  • coloured card for the butterflies
  • and silk for the flowers
  • green ink

I would say that the feeling that the media and materials create is the feeling of hope.

The coloures used also give off the feeling of hope because. The coloures could also mean that the person that had died had a colourful live and so mostly happy and joyful, this is also supported by the fact that mainly bright colours are used and that the person was always bright and happy.

I would say that this card is quite effective in conveying it’s meaning this is because, sympathy cards are meant to help the person who has lost a loved one and this card gives off the feeling of hope and so it should make the person feel a bit better.

From looking at this card, I have been given the idea of using colour to convey meaning, like how the design used a number of bright colours, to suggest that the person had a bright and happy life.

Card example 3

The medias and materials that have been used within the card are:

  • cardboard
  • ribbon
  • black ink
  • stick on peals

The feeling and mood that I get from the media and materials are sadness and struggles. This card evokes emotion by using texture to send a message, for example the cardboard used for the flowers, has a rough and bumpy surface, this suggests that the death of a loved one is not smooth but rough for those that have to deal with it this signifies a struggle between their emotions and copying with their loss.

The colour black has been used for the flowers and some other parts of the card, many people associate the colour black with death, black is also used to show mystery and what happens after death is a mystery. There is also quite a bit of space around the flowers, this gives the feeling of emptiness and solitude.

I would say that this card is quite effective in conveying it’s intended message because it uses rough surfaces to help signify what it is that it is trying to say.

The idea I got from looking at this card, is to use texture to send a message like how the rough and bumpy card shows how rough it is on people when losing a loved one.


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