Thomas Lawrence “The Calmady Children” 1823 (emotions of innocence and youth)


The media that the artist used to create this piece is oil paint on canvas. The feeling and the emotions that the oil paint portrays is the feeling of joy. The media evokes this feeling because oil paints give off a vibrant and bright colour and people associate vibrant and bright colours with happy feelings and joy.

The artist has also used elements of visual language to convey meaning and emotions, for example he has used colour to suggest meaning. Both of the girls within the painting are wearing white. White is normally used to show innocents and children are mostly thought to be innocent and pure and so the colour can be used to represent their soul.

I would say that the artwork uses materials, techniques and processes to communicate it’s meaning is very effective because it is using colour to show it’s meaning and so with just one look you can tell what’s the painting is trying to say.

This painting has given me the idea of using dark and light coloured media to send a message to the viewer, for example I will use dark toned media to send a sad and depressing message and bright media to send a happy and joyful message, like what the artist has done for the girls in the artwork.



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