Final Evaluation

Birthday card
Valentine’s card
Sympathy card
Baby card
When I first read the brief I thought that, that this unit would be very fun to do, this is because I love crafts and making things and so I was really excited. I didn’t yet have any initial ideas this is because there were son may ideas that came to mind, that I couldn’t yet from them into proper ideas.

The part that I enjoyed the most about the brief is creating the cards, because it allowed me to be creative and think in different and different ways to make my cards more interesting.

For my research I looked at a range of different types of card, like birthday cards, baby cards, sympathy cards and Valentine’s cards. From this research I learnt different card types use media in different ways in order to convey their ideas and meaning, for example if there was a birthday cards and it wanted to show  happiness then it would use bright colours, different media can also be used to evoke different emotions, like a soft material like cotton would evoke a happy emotion, unlike a hard material, like rough paper.

Throughout the project I used a range of different materials and media, I few that I have used would be, felt, cotton, glitter paint, coloured card and ribbons. I made sure that I used these materials safely by writing down the sort of dangers that could occur and find solutions to these problems, like if I was using bleach I would find a way to use it safely like wearing gloves and glasses.

The material that I enjoyed using the most was the cotton, this is because it is soft and when I felt it, it felt relaxing and gave off a happy feeling. I don’t think that there was a materials that I did not enjoy using however I did find the bleach the hardest to use because if I was not careful and I got it on my clothes it would not come at and so I had to be really cautions.

A few of the ideas that I came up with, where I used materials and techniques in creative ways, are for one card I wanted to allow the user to interact with the birthday card and so I used coloured card to form a lever which was attached to a piece of yellow card and the flames of the candles in the card were cut out, the user could pull or push the card lever down or up, so that it looks like the flames of the card is lighting up and down. For another card I wanted to represent death for a sympathy card and so I got a flower from my garden and glued it to the card so that over time the flower would die, which signifies the death of the loved one. And for a baby card I wanted to give the blanket in the card some texture and so I used cotton, which signifies the softness and comfort the baby is feeling in the blanket.

I would say that my most successful experiment would be the final piece for my birthday card, this is because I used materials to show the texture of the objects on the card, for example the object was meant to be a cup cake and so I showed the soft spongy texture of a cake, by using actual sponge and it not just feel like a cake but it also looked like one as well. I would say that the least successful experiment that I produced would be the bleach drawings, this is because I am not use to using bleach, I also could not make my drawings as detailed and the bleach would sometimes mix in with the water, which would make the work look messy.

For the final outcome for my sympathy, I used a range of media. One of the medias that I used was glue, I used this media because I wanted to show sadness, and one of the ways to do this is by making it look like it is raining, because people associate the rain with sadness because it looks like tears and I found out that if you drip pva glue onto a piece of paper,when it drys it look like rain drops and so I dripped glue over my card to make it look like it is raining to convey the feeling of sadness. Another material that I used was a flower that I found in my garden, I wanted to show something that symbolizes death and so I came up with the idea of having a flower stuck to the card because over time the flower will start to die and so this symbolizes death because the flower is dying.

I also used a range of media and materials within the final outcome for my birthday card. For my birthday card I used a sponge, this is because I wanted to show a birthday cup cake, but I wanted it to look and feel like the real thing and because cakes are known for being spongy, I came up with the idea of using an actual sponge, so that it seems like a real cake has been stuck to the card, I also used a cup cake case, which I cut in half and placed it on top of the sponge, I did this because I wanted to make the sponge look more like a cup cake and placing the cup cake case on top make it look more realistic.

The media and materials that, I used for the final outcome for my valentines card, was mainly card, this is because I wanted to a materials that I can shape and that will how it’s shape, because I wanted to make an arrow, I also wanted something that can help move the arrow along into the heart and I found that coloured card was the best at shaping and I was able to roll it up to form the base of the arrow, the card was also quite think and so I could glue the arrow to it and people can move the arrow along my move the card. I also used red glitter paint, with in my design as well, this is because the glitter made the red parts of the card stand out a lot more, this also means it in a shop the card would also stand out a lot more than the other cards and it more likely to catch people’s attention.

For the final outcome for my baby card, the media and materials that, I used was felt, I used this because, within the design I wanted to show baby clothes and baby clothes are known for being soft and so I wanted a material that could also signify this softness and felt is known for being quite soft and so I thought that it would be the right material to use. I also used other materials for the clothing, like ribbons, this is because most baby clothes have ribbons on them because it is meant to be cute and so I thought that added the ribbon would also make the clothes seem more like real baby clothes, it also made them look more interesting and appeal. I also did the same for the lace, by adding it on to certain parts of the clothing, to again make it feel and look more like real baby clothes.

I believe that all the media that I used for my final outcomes was the right choice this is because because they all fitted their purpose, for example the purpose for the glue for my sympathy outcome was too make it look like it was raining and I would say that, it achieved it’s purpose.

I would say that the successful part for my baby and birthday outcomes was the materials that I used to mimic the feel and look of objects, to make it seem more real, for example for my birthday card, I used a sponge to mimic the feel and look of a real cup cake and for my baby card I used felt to mimic the look and feel of real baby clothes. I would say that the successful part about my valentine’s and sympathy cards is the way in which they used visuals to symbolize, like in my sympathy card it showed a drying flower, which symbolizes death and in my valentine’s card I showed a heart, which symbolizes love.

What I think needs to be improved for all of my final outcomes apart from my sympathy card, is the background, this is because most of the time the background was left plain and only had a single black colour. I could of had added in a pattern in the backgrounds of these cards like what I had done for my sympathy card to make it look more exciting.

The research that I have done links to the way I have used visuals language, because in the research I learnt that


What I believe was most successful about my use of visual language in my final cards, was that they all shown objects of which can be associated with the theme, for example for my birthday card, I showed an image of a birthday cake and birthday cakes are associated with birthdays and for my Valentine’s Day card I showed a love heart and love hearts are associated with Valentine’s Day and so just by looking at the card, you already know what the card is meant to be for.

What could be improved on with my use of visual language in my final cards is that I didn’t add in a lot of words, with in my designs, for example my final baby card only had the words “baby girl” and on my birthday card it only had “happy birthday” I believe that I should of had added more words, that link with the visuals, to make it more interesting, like I could of had put “happy birthday here is a cake for you” that way it also links with the visuals.

From this project I have learnt a number of things, for example how to use media and materials to evoke different emotions, like using soft material like cotton, to evoke calm and happy emotions. I have also learnt how other visual elements can evoke different emotions as well, like colour bright colours suggest happy emotions and dark colours suggest unhappy emotions. I believe that in my future works, this will help me with deciding on which materials and visual elements I should use to evoke certain emotions, giving a bigger impact on the viewer and making it more interesting, than for the design to simply look nice.




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