Final Evaluation

When I first got the brief, I was quite excited because I love cooking and so developing a logo, instructional manual and magazine spread that all evolve around cooking seemed like it would be really fun to do, I didn’t yet have any ideas on what I would like them to look like and so I looked at my research to help me come up with some. The part of the brief that I enjoyed the most doing was the illustrating part, especially with the spread, this is because it allowed me to draw and I like drawing so I found this to be the most fun part.

From my research I learnt that to make a successful illustration, it must be eye catching to attract the viewer’s attention and stand out from all of the other illustrations, it must help convey information to the audience, for example with the app designs I learnt that the illustration should tell the audience what the app is about, like if the app shows shoes it tells the audience that the app is about shoes.

The artists that helps influence me for my app icon was Kolopach, this is because their illustration taught me that my app should be able to show the audience what the app is about mu showing images that can be associated with the app, for example because it was a cooking app it showed a knife and tomato, which both items can be related to cooking and because I am also doing a cooking app I also used an image of a tomato as well as other objects to can be related to cooking to show people what the app is about. The designer Ramotion also helped influence my work because they made their app visually appealing and bright and colourful so that it stands out from the other apps and so within my design I used a bright blue background and bright and shiny objects to catch the audience’s attention. 

The artist’s that helps influence my instructional illustration was Gemma Correll. In her design she made it look simple so that it would be easy to follow because it does not look complicated and so in my instructional I tried to make my instructions as sample as possible so that the audience will be able to understand what it is that the illustration is telling them to do. Another artist that I looked at was Felicita Sala, from their design I learnt that I should spread the images out across the page so that every part of the page looks interesting and for my instructional illustration I tried to spread the illustrations out as much as possible. 

The artists that helped influence me for my magazine spread was the artist Mike Simpson, with in his work he blended the colours together to make the illustration look more real and life like and for my spread I wanted the drawings to look real as well to I also blended the colours together, so that it give the impression that the objects are right their in front of you. Another artist that I looked at was Yuta Onoda, within their work they made the illustration link with the title and so think gave me the idea to link my illustration to the title as well, because the man being interviewed in the spread is a chef that gave me the idea of drawing food that chefs would use like tomatoes and chilies.

I believe that the most successful part about my app design was the metal texture that I had created because it looks like it was real metal and it made the metal objects like the pot and knife stand out, it also drew more attention to the design because people are attracted to shiny things and the pots and knife look shiny. I would say that the least successful part would be the onion that I made, this is because the onion did not turn out the way that I hoped it would and it was hard to tell if it was even an onion.

I’m not that happy with the quality with the app because I think that there could of had been some improvements made, like the onion, I could of had made it look more like it was an onion and the tomato as well because the tomato was missing the green bit at the top and so did not look that much like a tomato, it looked more like a red ball.

I do believe that the final app icon that I created meets the brief this is because the app was meant to show crazy and was meant to tell people that this was a cooking app and I showed the audience that this was a cooking app by showing the pots and the tomato and chilly because these are all things that can be related to cooking. I also showed crazy, by making the cutleries and food fly all over the place, because it gives the sense of disorder and confusion. To make the design fit the brief more I could of had made the app look more crazy by mending the folk and knife.

I feel that the most successful part about about my instructional illustration is that it shows clear steps that the consumer would need to take in order to make the salami chocolate and just by looking at it without any words the consumer can tell what they need to do. The least successful part about this illustration is that because I had so much to draw in so little time, I had to rush some drawings and so some parts don’t look that professional drawn and it is hard to tell what some of the drawings are meant to be. Another thing that I think is unsuccessful about the drawing is that the page looks a bit overcrowded because there is so much stuff on the page.

I am not really that happy with the quality of the illustration because some of the drawings do not look that good because they have been rushed, like the chocolate salami at the end, I think that if I had more time I could of had made it look a lot better.

To improve the illustration, I could remove the arrows to make the illustration look less overcrowded, I could also make the illustration smaller so that I could spread them out some more because there is not a lot of space between each step and so the consumer might get confused and not know which step is which.

I believe that there are some parts of the brief that the illustration meets and some parts that it doesn’t meet. In the brief I was told that I must link the illustration to crazy cooking and so I came up with the idea of having a crazy recipe to show this crazy cooking and so I believe that I have meet that part of the brief. Another part of the brief is that I must show different ways of creating illustrations, by using Photoshop, illustrator, scanned in drawings and scanned in texture. I have used Photoshop to create the ingredients and equipment, I have also used illustrator to create the arrow and I scanned in paper texture in to Photoshop for the notebook. I thing that IO have not done however was scanned in drawings that I have done and so I have not fully met the brief.

I think that I could of had made my illustrator fit the brief even more by scanning in some drawings of food and scan it in to use for the background.

I feel that the most successful part about my magazine spread was the way that I had blended the colours together because it made the food look real like it is right there in front of you. I believe that the least successful part about my spread was that the blending that I did for the tomato because I did not add enough shading to the bottom and so it does not look as real like the others do.

I would say that apart from the tomato I am overall very happy with the quality of my work, because I like the layout that I have chosen and the food looks real which is what I wanted.

I think to improve the magazine I could of had added in more things other than food like cutlery and other equipment that chefs use, like a chef hat so that it could further link to the title, because the interview is about a chef and so showing the chef hat would tell people that Dan Lovellbray is a chef by the hat.

I believe that the magazine spread meets some of the brief but not all of it. One of the things that the brief told me to do was show crazy cooking  within my design and I done this by showing a  crazy recipe idea, like the fried twinkly. I also used Photoshop to create the food and I added in texture in the design for the background, however there are two things that I did not do and that is use illustrator and scan in drawings.

To make the illustration fit more with the brief I could of had used illustrator to create shapes, like the shape of the tomato and the chilly.

Throughout the project the tools and prepossess that I used the most was the pen tool in illustrator, which I used a lot to help make the shape of the foods and equipment. However the tool and process that I like the most was the paint brush tool in Photoshop because I could use it to blend in the colours so that the food looked more realistic and I enjoy blending colours in and seeing have it can go from looking like a 2d image to a 3d image from blending.

From this project I have learnt that I should use images that convey information to the audience as well as tell the audience what to expect. Like how I used crazy images to show the audience that there will be crazy cooking within the app.


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